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The company has been manufacturing Transformers since 1988, under the leadership of the founder, the Late Shri Sudhakar Telawne having experience of over 35years from a pioneer Transformer Manufacturing Industry. They are located in Asia’s largest industrial belt & busiest city of Navi Mumbai, India on a 4000Sqft of land. The company started as an Oil Cooled Transformer repair before advancing to manufacturing in 2004. The company is an ISO 9001: 2008 Company certified by SGS (I) Ltd.

Over the years they have made tremendous development in infrastructure to manufacture product. Their success & growth has been mainly due to thrust & emphasis on Quality, which is never compromised to manufacture Zero Defect Transformers. They have successfully executed export orders in countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Oman, Philippines, Ghana, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa. They aim at become the World Class Organization through adopter & implementer of the Management Training Program, which are inducted & practiced by all the concerned Dept on day to day basis to achieve Quality, Reliability, Productivity & Efficiency in order to deliver products in time, at optimum cost.

Their products include; EHV Transformers Up to 50 MVA, 132 KV, Power Transformers Up to 16 MVA, 66, Distribution Transformers 63 KVA, 11 KV onwards, Dry Type (VPI) Transformers Up to 5000 KVA, 22 KV, Dry Type (CRT) Transformers Up to 5000 KVA, 33 KV, Furnace & Convertor Duty Transformers Up to 10 MVA, 66 KV, Unitized / Compact Substation Up to 2500 KVA, 33 KV, Pad Mounted Substation Up to 2000 KVA, 22 KV. The total installed capacity is 1000 MVA per annum on three shift basis in assorted ratings.

Apart from manufacturing and repairing, they also deliver after sales services to their customers worldwide. Over the years of quality products and sincere service and dedication to their customers they have earned distinguished customers which include leading Government and Semi-Government undertakings, Real Estate & commercial complexes, Refineries, Chemical, Automobile Industries, Power sector, Pharma, Paper, Steel and various other Industrial application apart from State & private utilities.

Their products are supplied in African countries including; Zambia, Tanzania, Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya. We are approved by the Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG Ghana for supply of transformers. They are currently pursuing trusted agents & distributors who can promote their products in Africa. Makrand Naik, Export Manager, advices potential buyer to check the efficiency & winding material of transformer. He also commented on the emerging trends regarding the product that consumers prefer customized solutions as per their requirements, of which a transformer is preferred as far as power requirements is concerned. They have participated in Ghana WAMPEX, 2014 exhibition.


Telawne Power Equipments Private Limited, India

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