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TELETASK is a Belgian manufacturer of exclusive integrating solutions, which was founded in 1984 making it one of the oldest home automation companies in the world.

TELETASK is based in Gent, Belgium with a worldwide distribution and support network in more than 40 countries. For the Indian market they have a sales support subsidiary company TELETASK INDIA Pvt. Ltd in Hyderabad, India. For the Middle-East and North-African market a sales and support office is located in Dubai, UAE. For Russia and CIS countries there is TELETASK RUSSIA. TELETASK is an independent company with centralised shareholding and a continuous growth track. They focus on market leadership in many countries and specialise in the mid- and high-end of the international home automation market.

Residential and professional customers and leading industries appreciate the high quality and decent product support through a network of certified dealers. Their aim is the improve comfort, security and energy management where it is needed the most, at home. Due to high level of integration and design their solutions are now also found in hotels, project development and company buildings.

Their well-designed products and components are used to create efficient, comfortable and future proof environments. For more than three decades they have been offering solutions that improve people’s daily life all around the world.

Integration includes:

Lighting, DALI, DMX, DSI, including full-color LED control

Curtains, sun blinds, shutters, gates

Access control, security

Temperature control: heating, cooling and ventilation

Audio, home theatre, multi room – multi source

Communication -door phone, smart phone, tablet, PC/Mac, LAN/WAN

Garden sprinklers, fountains


The TELETASK approach integrates multiple systems in one user friendly system. Once linked, users will experience the unique added value of increased comfort, simplicity and security and more efficient energy management. TELETASK has been used in tens of thousands state-of-the-art projects.


Today TELETASK is focusing on residential energy balancing algorithms. The Future Smart Grid (Europe’s 2020 target) and the growing market on electrical cars makes the international need for intelligent houses with intelligent energy management a necessity. Today, all TELETASK systems are ready for this challenging future. Traditional home automation is now completed with additional services. State-of-the-art smart houses and smart villages are equipped and managed by TELETASK Control Tower tools or a better overall quality of life.

Johan Vander Beken, Managing Director says that they are looking for importer or distributor companies with high level employees who are able to implement their products in high-end smart houses and smart buildings.



Mss. Annelies Tackaert

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