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Solutions for soil reinforcement and sub grade stabilisation; Based on the characteristic properties of Tensar geogrids, Tensar Technology is widely used in subgrade stabilisation, soil reinforcement and asphalt reinforcement applications often delivering major environmental benefits and real savings in cost and time. We can help you apply Tensar Technology to improve the bottom line on your project.

Tensar is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and provision of soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation products and systems. Their expertise and experience has been accumulated over several decades of successful collaboration in projects internationally. Their service team, comprising many qualified civil engineers, provides practical and best value advice and design to support the use of Tensar products and systems in your application.

Innovative, best value solutions in thousands of applications; Tensar’s high performance range of innovative geogrids has been continuously developed since being introduced in the 1970s as the first geosynthetic products of their type.

The outstanding performance of Tensar geogrids and geotextiles has benefited thousands of road, rail, runway, embankment and many other applications across the world. Tensar products are available wherever ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement is required through Tensar regional offices, or specialist distributor networks.

Independently proven performance; their state-of-the-art geogrids and geotextile products have been rigorously and exhaustively tested by leading universities, independent laboratories and national authorities, under research and site conditions. Many Tensar products and systems hold internationally recognised certification, and can provide cost-effective, timesaving and lasting solutions to widely encountered civil engineering problems.

Tensar’s range of support services is an integral part of every project partnership. Their team of design and applications engineers can work with you from the outset to ensure that their products, systems and designs are tailored to your exact requirements, to help you achieve your project objectives on time and to budget.

Tony Roe from Tensar International advises buyers to ensure that the product they go for is part of a system that has been designed to meet their specific requirements and that the system provides you and your clients with value. Tensar are present in Africa and are looking for distributors from the continent especially in Ethiopia, South Sudan and most parts of West Africa.


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