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Tensar® Technology is widely adopted for Subgrade Stabilisation and Pavement Optimisation to improve the structural performance of paved roads and unbound roads and platforms. Tensar Technology is also adopted for Earth Retaining Systems for cost effectiveness and versatility over other traditional methods. By delivering real savings in cost and time, Tensar Technology can help you improve the bottom line on your project as well as preserving the invested capital.

Extend Pavement Life with the Tensar Spectra® Pavement Optimisation System:

The Tensar Spectra System is a comprehensive approach for optimising pavement performance using Tensar TriAx® geogrids. The system uses the multiple benefits of a mechanically stabilised layer (MSL), which consists of aggregate stabilised by TriAx geogrid, to form a stiffer and more robust pavement structure.

The system is more than just the MSL. It includes all the specialist advice, experience, design tools, support and service that Tensar delivers; it is a complete solution for pavement design engineers and contractors.
Pavements Structure

The Tensar Pavement Optimisation System can be installed on projects ranging from low volume, light-duty rural roads and car parks to high volume highways and heavy-duty industrial pavements.

The system improves the economics and performance of highway projects by:

•             Reducing excessive requirements for plant, labour and material resources along with lengthy contractual programmes which can be challenging

•             Simplifying and fast-tracking construction to avoid over excavation and reduce undercut, disposal and backfill

•             Reducing pavement component thicknesses including both the unbound aggregate layers and the bound asphalt layers

•             Increasing reliability, durability and serviceability

•             Reducing maintenance requirements through extended service life

•             Increasing end of life salvage value

•             Lowering construction and whole life cycle costs

The Tensar Pavement Optimisation System can lead the way to lower pavement construction costs by optimising pavement components. Research indicates that the use of the system will reduce asphalt layer thicknesses typically by 15-30% and aggregate layer thicknesses by 25-50%.

In addition, life cycle cost analysis indicates that the Tensar Pavement Optimisation System can extend long term service life up to five times the duration of unstabilised pavements of an equivalent thickness. Savings are achieved through reduced maintenance and extended rehabilitation intervals.

Tensar are present in Africa and are looking for distributors from the continent especially in Ethiopia, South Sudan and most parts of West Africa.


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