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Terreal designs and manufactures terra cotta wall claddings, sunscreens and roof tiles. It is the worldwide leader in manufacturing terra cotta products.

Based in Paris, France, Terreal specializes in a product range of facades, structural clay products and roof tiles. This extensive and diverse product offering is produced in 25 clay factories located around the world. Terreal’s international presence includes subsidiaries and offices in France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, the United States, China, Singapore, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

TERREAL designs the building envelope while keeping in mind every function of a building: waterproofing, thermal insulation, air tightness, mechanical resistance, fire resistance, wind and seismic resistance.
TERREAL’S ventilated terracotta walls offer aesthetic and technical advantages with their large variety of formats, shades and types of joints (open or closed), depending on the fixing system, strong performance in terms of resistance to wind and impacts; sometimes increased by a local strengthening of the load bearing structures, durability of a terracotta product, whose beauty will endure over time, reduced maintenance, since no attention is needed and the simplicity of how a piece is replaced in the event of breakage and almost unlimited thermal performance by increasing the thickness of the insulation, suitability for use in both new-build and renovation.

Catarino Aurélie from Terreal says that, clay is a universally recognized 100% natural material which has been used continually as a building material for thousands of years. Their products are manufactured to the highest standards which are natural, durable and most importantly sustainable.Terra cotta panels are color permanent and do not fade, maintenance free and durable. It resists exterior attacks by rain impact, wind and sun UV, which is why their products are cost effective.

Catarino Aurélie
[email protected]