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TES Transformer Electro Service was founded in 1998 as a spinoff of ASO Siderurgica, a special steel company, in the province of Brescia, the heart of Italian engineering industry. It is now one of the most advanced and qualified players in the market of industrial high power transformers. It has grown over time to handling problems related to the use of transformers.

Later on it became a manufacturer offering its products to the market. Its high specialization in special transformers for arc and rectification furnaces, in-depth know-how in the construction of high voltage machines for energy use and effective after-sales services, make TES the ideal partner for the whole industrial and energy sector.

The young yet strong company is growing steadily in terms of employment and profits, thanks to both direct sales and trading through main contractors and service activities for its own and third party products in all sectors.

Their range of Activities includes:

  • Design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of new power transformers with insulation class up to 400 MVA and 420 kV.
  • Design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of new transformers for steel working and reactors.
  • Design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of new transformers for rectification units.

After-sales service:

  • Trade and rental of power transformers for steel working, suitably reconditioned and guaranteed.
  • Repair of faulty transformers, including complete rebuilding and rewinding.
  • On-site diagnostic testing for troubleshooting and identification of malfunctioning in installed transformers.
  • On-site routine and special preventive maintenance of transformers and related accessories.

Their sales organization is based on engineers rather than salesmen. They are aware of the customers’ needs hence they want to optimize the time between the first contact and a real assessment through a detailed project. In perfect synergy with the dynamics of the new market, they can ensure supplies in record time, considering the many variables in design and production. They work with over 150 companies in 50 countries around the world.

TES invites all potential buyers to invest their time in visiting the company and its production area to check the quality and the efficiency of their works, considering that the transformer is a key component of an industrial plant. TES has adopted, since many years now, the Quality and Safety and Health Assurance systems, currently in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 standards. It is also qualified by many engineering companies, such as large steel and industrial groups.

For more information about TES Transformer Electro Service S.r.l visit the website www.testransformers.com


Eng. Danilo Dosi

Sales Director

Phone: +39-030-6840628/9

E-mail:[email protected]