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Texdelta SL based in Spain was founded in 1968 dedicated to the manufacture of nonwovens, geotextiles, bio-mallas and geogrids of reinforcement. During its career as a manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics has great experience in the manufacture of nonwovens for technical applications manufacture of geotextiles for civil engineering, construction, and applications erosion control.

In Texdelta commercialize and manufacture geotextiles and technical woven for the construction are involved in service to both their customers and suppliers. They have implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

One of their products, the DLT DREN G is a geosynthetic formed by a nodular sheet (node height 8 mm) High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with polypropylene geotextile bonded to promote filtration and improve drainage structures buried.

It is most recommended for membranes to improve drainage and to obtain a high mechanical strength, is combined with a geotextile geosynthetic that can be applied in different areas: Horizontal Drains: terraces and roof gardens, buried structures, concrete slabs and garages, Vertical Drains: retaining walls, underground walls, retaining walls and foundations of buildings.

DLT DREN G within geosynthetics combined with the broad benefits of geosynthetics fulfills the functions of: Split, Protect, Waterproof and Drain.

Their products can be found in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Gambia and Senegal and can also be ordered directly from Spain.


Texdelta SL

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