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Looking around any town or city you will see an array of products for sale. From industrial generators, to fruit and vegetables. Brands have pushed to get stronger and for most people the name of key brands are available. They like their brands, they search them out in preference to other peoples products. Brands range from huge multinationals to individual traders, each has its own appeal. Today we’ll look at diesel generators and find out about the brands associated with this industrial product.

Like the brand ‘hoover’ which has come to mean any vacuum cleaner, diesel generators are often referred to as their engine brand, which is not correct. Most engine manufacturers do not produce generators. This mistake lends itself to people falsely believe that the support for the unit will come from the engine manufacturer – but that isn’t the case on most of the components. Typically, the engine manufacturer will only cover the engine – which is only around 30-40% of the value of a modern diesel generator. “Perkins generator”, “Cummins generator” and “Baudouin generator” are all commonly heard phrases in the generator world – but none apart from Cummins make their own generators and you may pay a hefty premium.

So what are the worlds top generator brands? Are UK made diesel generators better than those made in china or turkey? Which AC alternator should I choose? Where should I buy a generator from? Do I need open or a silent generator? Is silent, silent or just quieter?

Factors to consider when checking the life cost of industrial equipment

This is where the brand comes in – not just the brand of the generator, the brand of the engine, but the brand of the supplier and how reliable you think they will be when it comes to servicing, support, backup and maintenance? Do they have a local branch with local support? Will they come out? Do you need to return it? Discussing all these points can be daunting – but without the answers how will you make an informed decision? Will you pay more money for someone who will come and service your product on site saving you valuable time? Or will you choose the cheapest option and risk throwing the unit away when your dealer is unable to get spare parts for the units?

High quality international brands like Caterpillar, Cummins and Welland Power are all examples of generator manufactures who build high quality products and offer support through local dealers – the only sort of support that counts. They will have dealers with qualified technicians who can repair your unit normally on site and on the first visit. These brands are great because they focus on customer service and growing their customer bases by word of mouth as much as by advertising.

Whichever generator you decide to buy just make sure that it is right for your needs when considering all the key points and reviewing your options. Qualified people will be able to offer better advice as to what product to select to keep you running forever with the electricity you need.