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Thermokon exclusively presents the premium room operating unit THANOS and takes a new path towards intuitive and highly design-oriented room operation combined with quality and engineering “Made in Germany”

Thanks to the Thermokon Thanos another top product available in the portfolio of room operating units. Thanos is ideally completing the range of room operating units and is especially convincing by its exceptional design. Under an overall glass front, a high-resolution 3.5”-TFT display is placed, so that an optical display of the executed functions is shown with every input made. Typical applications for room automation can be customized. The control of HVAC elements such as temperature set point adjustment, blind and light control or fan stages can be easily realized by a simple touch. Combined with a common operating structure, the touch technology already enables an intuitive operation of the device with the first use.  Thanos has an integrated temperature/humidity sensor enabling a direct measuring of the physical room condition. The value is displayed.

A functional brushed stainless steel clip is designed as a sensitive touch presence button.  By means of this clip, customized basic functions such as switching the light on/off can be realized.  Thanos replaces the task of a typical light switch function without having to refrain from the comfort of the simple push of a button.

The operating unit Thanos is available in the basic colours black and white. With up to 12 buttons, a very large variant called “Thanos L” is available in addition. The lower operating area is designed as a typically rocket function such as up/down of shutters and blinds. Thanos is also existing in a cross version, model “Thanos LQ”.  With type “S” a smaller design of the unit is available, as well. The rocker function is realized via a second menu level in the display area.

Individual specifications are also an important object. Therefore, several button fields can have a customized legend. Via a software application the devices can be easily configured with regard to operating functions, button symbols and display options.  The software for configuration and parameterization is included in the delivery free of charge and can be downloaded at Thermokon’s website.

Optionally, Thanos can be equipped with an EnOcean Dolphin module enabling a bidirectional wireless communication with EnOcean based receivers. Thanos is the first highly design-oriented product with EnOcean interface.

Besides a stand-alone version of Thanos, the connection to network technologies like KNX, BACnet, LON or Modbus is feasible. In this case, Thanos is designed as a gateway enabling the proven combination of EnOcean technology with leading building bus systems.  Possibilities and applications are almost unlimited.

The multifunctional room operating unit Thanos emphasizes once more the high demand for design & technology by Thermokon.

Cornelius Berns, Sales Engineer at Thermokon, advices potential buyers to consider and evaluate the big energy saving potential with possible new technologies. Especially the wireless energy-harvesting EnOcean technology enables the possibility to logically combine sensor data with intelligent room automation for Greenfield projects as well as for retrofit projects to achieve comfort, flexibility and energy-efficiency.

He concludes and says that they have partnerships and customers in following African countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and South Africa. Currently they see especially South Africa with the highest growth potential for building automation systems.

They are currently looking for other distributors in Africa.


Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH

Nico Gotthardt (Head of Marketing) [email protected]

Cornelius Berns (Sales Manager Africa) [email protected]