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Timberwise Oy, a Finnish family-owned company located in Loimaa, has been manufacturing high-quality single-strip parquets since the year 2000. Manufacturing high-quality single-strip parquets, i.e. plank parquets, is our special area of expertise.

Throughout existence, the company has focused on quality, safety and Finnish materials – at least two thirds of the raw materials of products are always Finnish. Timberwise has wanted to cherish Finnish wood-refining skills and therefore focused on keeping the manufacturing in Finland by training its personnel and by making machinery investments.

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Timberwise was the first parquet manufacturer to give up using exotic wood species on ethical grounds and to focus on manufacturing oak and ash parquets. Along with this, the company specialized in color treatments, because they wanted to offer customers floors with dark tones but more ethically and ecologically, by coloring oak.

Timberwise products contain no added formaldehyde so they do not release harmful chemicals into the room. Durable and high-quality Finnish Timberwise products are a safe choice for a family with children and for people with allergies!

Due to the new structure, the products have excellent endurance in demanding conditions and they are applicable everywhere from the driest, coldest north to the hottest regions of the world.

The company also focuses on being environmentally friendly. Raw materials are always from PEFC-certified forests; the company recycles the waste and by-products generated in production process.

With Finnish Timberwise parquets you are guaranteed to have a safe, durable floor of high quality.


Timberwise Oy

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