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Top Rock Brick and Tile was established in 2013 offering a new innovation by filling a huge gap in the market with creative ideas of high quality clay brick tiles.

Uniquely and individually processed with a high speed diamond cutting method, each brick tile is accurately cut with precision and passed through the company’s strict quality control to offer customers the best and assurance of quality product.

The latest trend is growing in popularity and expanding across the borders and exporting across the globe.
The company offers a wide range of brick tiles which can be applied on plastered wall, Painted wall, Wood, Asbestos, Plastic, Steel and Glass.

The key to a successful application is thorough surface preparation; the surface should be free of dust, dirt or oil.
Painted surfaces need to be chipped while plastic, metal or glass might have to be treated with a special bonding agent.

Brick Tiles are then applied with tile adhesive, the corners are mitered to give a neat joint.

Grouting (optional) can be done with a 3:1 mixture of plaster sand and cement.
Finally a soft brush is used to remove any excess dirt and dust.

According to Jaco van der Merwe from Top Rock Brick and Tile, the company’s products are weatherproof and completely maintenance free therefore a lifetime investment. Products come in competitive prices something which is advantageous to a wholesaler.

Top Rock Brick and Tile
Jaco van der Merwe
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