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Over The Top USA, LLC (OTTU) is sales and marketing agent for the PLEAT System flooring product – a portable, event flooring system that is changing the way the hospitality, event, architecture, design and construction industries view and use residential and commercial swimming pools.

OTTU’s ready-to-install, over-the-pool flooring product, invented by PLEAT System over 8 years ago, has been marketing to these industries only since early 2012, when OTTU became PLEAT’s agent worldwide. Their marketing is targeting commercial and high end residential facilities with a pool or considering incorporating a pool into their facility or landscape, to inform them of their portable system and its applications. The system is being used for events as a dance floor, for receptions and dining, as a stage or runway to name a few applications. In commercial use the flooring provides a new source of revenue and growth for the catering, events and sales departments.

According to Over the Top USA, LLC’s marketing manager Shelley Siegel Watson, they are currently focusing on introducing PLEAT Systems’ product into the African market. Ms. Watson advises that commercial pool owners can develop a new revenue stream by offering events ON the pool instead of around the pool. High-end residential pool owners can enjoy their pool during the off-season as well as cover the pool for a spontaneous gathering for additional floor space and safety around the pool area.

Their system is currently owned by a prominent Las Vegas resort and a Charlotte, North Carolina based hotel. Both facilities market and install the floor for special events and to optimize the night time hours of their rooftop pools. It is carried by numerous Event Rental companies throughout the US and has been installed hundreds of times for weddings, reunions, corporate events and more at hotels.

Currently in the United States the flooring system is available for purchase or to rent. Direct your inquiry to purchase or request for information about representing their flooring system to OTTU.


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