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TPH Bausysteme GmbH is a producer of specialty chemicals for civil construction and tunneling and could have among their range the solution you may be looking for.

TPH has three main divisions relatively to the produced materials, here a quick overview:

Joint Sealing Systems:

Swelling Profiles
Hydrotite/Hydroseal/Aquatackseal for working (cold) joints between existing and new concrete

Metallic waterstops
Ferroquell/Ferrotack, to be placed between two concrete pours

Basement Slab Joints
Ferrolink System for strong link between basements pours

PVC Fugenbänder
Waterstops,  as the former, but made of PVC

Knock-in Profiles
Proofmate EK/EBF, EPDM flexible profiles to place in existing movement joints

Injection Hoses
Vpress/Ecopress hose system for placement in the concrete joints and posterior injection

Fix-O-Flex series of mastics with sealing and adhesive properties applicable also in moist or under water joints

Injection Resins:

Acrylic Gels
Rubbertite/Variotite/Ecocryl, for waterproofing injections in fine cracks, porous concrete and fine soils

Pur-O-Stop / Pur-O-Stop FS, for water stopping injections in foundations and concrete structures, also at high pressure

FoamSeal / SolidSeal, for void filling and consolidation in underground

Hydropox EP1, for structural consolidation in concrete

For clients looking for concrete protection solutions then they can look at the company’s PC / PCC mortars, Flooring Systems for industrial flooring and waterproofing, Hydrophobizing gels and liquids for protection and Foundations such as bituminous treatments for foundation elements.

The company is currently active in North Africa and has state-of-the art construction products to offer to a market in expansion, especially in infrastructure like roads, tunnels and hydraulic works.

TPH Bausysteme GmbH
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