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Tripp Lite is in the critical data center world of today, we no longer rely as much on the conventional “Wall Mounted Cooling” as we did in the past. Today, more and more data centers are being built as containment and there is a lot of planning that goes into this.

Firstly, the heat emission levels should be calculated and its hot-aisle/cold-aisle designation should be decided on. In a situation like this, a certified data center professional should plan out the data centre and decide what the best implementation of the cooling devices is and how many would be required.

A calculation would then need to be made as to how much cooling is required for that specific data centre. Once the calculations are done, a suitable solution would need to be implemented with all the communications and environmental sensors to ensure that the room is properly maintained.

One would also need to take into consideration the type of in-row coolers to install. The Tripp Lite range is motor driven, and is a lot more efficient as the initial power to cool the data centre down is significantly lower than the conventional coolers on the market today.

The company has 2 ranges of cooling units. They have the Small Portable 12000 BTU cooling unit which can easily be moved around, and then they also have the 33000 BTU units which is a fixed unit, and connected to the main supply power of the building or data center. The data centre manager would need to seek the assistance of a specialized data entry implementation company that would be able to assist with the cooling and requirements that are needed.

Tripp Lite is a global manufacturer of power and connectivity solutions for people and organizations that depend on their technology.

Tripp Lite
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