TUB?DZIN GROUP – leading Polish manufacturer of ceramic tiles

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TUBĄDZIN GROUP has been operating in the ceramic tile market for 34 years.

Defined by 3 production plants and a modern logistics and distribution center, the group has 4 brands and 4 product lines under its umbrella with 1,200 employees.

The 4 brands include:

  1. Tubądzin
  2. Domino
  3. Korzilius
  4. Arte

Each of them introduce their own separate line of products and collections.

Their diversification in terms of style, design, size and use allows customers full freedom of arrangement.

The Tubądzin brand is a proposal for those who seek out unique solutions. It is a real interior designer, creating space which genuinely stands out.


Ceramic tiles from the group products are known and valued not only in the domestic market, but also in other countries.

Such as: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Great Britain, Hungary.