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U-FLO is a global water pump manufacturing company registered in Washington, USA. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, Japan, Taiwan and China. Their primary products include Deep-well Pumps, Above-ground Pumps, Sewage Pumps, and Pumping Systems.

Since the first U-FLO water pump was manufactured in Italy in 1953, their products are widely used in power plants, paper mills, steel plants, agriculture irrigations, construction trades, industrial applications, mining operations, municipal utilities as well as oil/gas fields.

Water is a vital part of our natural resources. While they always pursue the excellence of their products and services, they also take every step to promote environment-friendly and energy-saving solutions.

As a global pump manufacturer and supplier, U-FLO is committed to producing the finest water pumps in the world and continues to lead the way forward in the pumping industry.

U-flo high performance pumps are widely used in various construction situations, such as building water supply, secondary water supply, variable frequency water supply, no negative pressure water supply, etc. It is also suitable for domestic water supply system; air-condition circulating system, sewage and waste water treatment system and fire fighting system, etc.

At U-flo, their manufacturing facilities are equipped with the state of art machines and tools, including CNC machining centers and 3-D laser CMM. All of their workforces are trained and dedicated to their works. All of critical parts and components are made in-house by the precision machines and the skilled workers. Their parts meet the tightest tolerances of the specifications. The finished pumps can take the challenge of toughest applications.

Lionel from the Marketing Dept says that they specialize in providing high-grade water supply products and services. The pursuit of high-quality buyers can buy their satisfaction with the product through their company.

He concludes and says that their products are available in African countries like Libya.


U-FLO Pumps International LLC


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