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UAB Gildera is a company managing the timber-frame panel houses’ sales, production and assembly processes. The company was established in 2013 by enthusiastic people who aim to deliver panel houses in better quality and faster time.

Their panel houses have: high level of energy efficiency, shortest possible construction time, safe and durable structure, ecological environment, CE marking all the materials used, lightness of structure (simple foundation), thin wall structure-more living area and high quality of the products.

Panel houses’ construction process is divided into two: house production in the factory and assembling at the building site. In UAB Gildera, all panel houses’ elements are first designed by special timber structures’ CAD programs, which ensure the preciseness of products and smooth assembling process.

After the timber and other materials are prepared, all having CE marking, are delivered to the factory where the panels are then produced. Each element passes through quality control in the factory to ensure stability of the building. They also install the windows of chosen type to the panels before transportation.

House assembling at the building site is done by a team, which has more than eight years of experience in this type of construction. They provide interior finishing works, roofing installation services or materials that a client may require.

Their products are tailored for European and Scandinavian markets but are keen on adjusting their products to the African market. Main tasks to be accomplished before export to the African market can start are: solutions of timber treatment from insects and other possible harms for Africa, solutions to thermal insulation to control overheating of the building and transportation solutions which increases the cost of the building. They are currently looking for distributors to help them achieve this new course.

According to Eleonora Katakinaite, UAB Gildera’s head of sales, this type of construction is very fast and promises quick return investments. She advises customers to adopt it to save money and the environment.

She says they will soon adjust their houses to Passivehaus requirements which no other construction types will easily match.

Eleonora Katakinaite
Head of sales
[email protected]