Ukraine to have huge participation in the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai

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Dubai, UAE, 24 January 2017: Set to be held on April 2-4, 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) expects a huge participation of Ukraine that is one of the Official Supporting Partners of this 7th edition. This has been announced by Dawood Al Shezawi, head of the organizing committee.

“We have signed a partnership agreement with UBA (Ukrainian Business Association) represented by its President, Chepovy Volodymyr, in the Ukraine-UAE Networking Forum held last month. Representatives of the private sector, government and NGOs were invited in the UAE to connect with their counterparts to discuss investment possibilities in both markets.

We took this opportunity to strengthen ties with UBA and as you can see, the results are promising. Ukraine will take part in AIM as an exhibitor and many Ukrainian companies have confirmed their presence at the event; there will also be a Country Presentation and we hope that AIM 2017 will enable more deals and opportunities for collaboration between Ukraine and UAE, as well as other countries,” said Al Shezawi.

The Ukraine-UAE Networking Forum offered a matchmaking platform and was organised by the UBA in cooperation with the Annual Investment Meeting, Ministry of Economy of the UAE, Organizing Committee of EXPO 2020 Dubai and other partners.

“The Forum was a great opportunity to find out about the investment potential in the UAE and for our businessmen, operators in several industries, from the private and public sector to exchange information about our country, to get in touch with new partners and contacts, and to cooperate,” commented Daniel Bilak, Director of Ukraine Investment Promotion Office & Chief Investment Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

“Our delegation met with HE Juma Mohammed Al Kait, Assistant Undersecretary for Foreign Trade at UAE Ministry of Economy. We have been also agreeably surprised by the UAE preparations to host the Expo 2020.

So we believe that our participation in the AIM 2017 will reinforce these relations that have been established during the previous event in a more concrete way as our companies will be exhibiting their products and services in various sectors including agriculture and agribusiness, construction, pharmaceutical and energy,” added Bilak.

According to, Ukraine’s Foreign Direct Investment inflows increased by 759 USD Million in the second quarter of 2016. In the long-term, the Ukraine Foreign Direct Investment – Net Inflows is expected to trend around 927.23 USD Million in 2020, according to the same source. In 2015, the FDI, net inflows reached 3 billion and 50 million USD, according the World Bank data.

“We are very pleased that the reputable Ukrainian companies will participate in the Annual Investment Meeting for the first time.

The participation of the Ukrainian Business Association members in such a prestigious event is a great honor and a big responsibility. Our participation will boast top Ukrainian companies from the agro-industrial sector, innovation, production, as well as companies operating in the renewable energy sector,” added Oleksii Chuiev, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Business Association.

Under the theme “International Investment, Path to Competitiveness & Development”, the Ukrainian delegation among others will discuss how foreign investment contributes to enhance healthy competition among nations. In the Country Presentation, Ukraine will highlight its positive investment climate, healthy environment for business, and the trade and economic potential of the country.

The Ukrainian Business Association is an organization which aims to create a powerful and reputable business community, emphasizing Ukraine as a place of stability and strong economic growth where transparency, reliability and responsibility in doing business are the core values. It largely contributes in making the country more attractive for foreign investors.