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VAELL is a local firm specialized in the delivery of operating lease services, which is an off-balance sheet financing solution to their cooperate clients, allowing them to operate assets that generate revenues to service cost of their operation.

They started off in Kenya and later on expanded its operations in four other African Countries I.e. Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Tanzania to meet demands from its multinational and local clients.

They are currently venturing in other African countries. Vaell has been instrumental in designing innovative leasing solutions for the regional market.

They have been providing lease solutions to various organizations which have seen organization’s production capacity improve operational efficiency.

Their Heavy machinery are relied on in many industries from construction and mining to manufacturing and agriculture. At VAELL Leasing, they know how important it is for businesses to get the equipment needed to operate successfully. Their leasing specialists will work with you to develop a custom equipment finance agreement with flexible lease terms.

According to VAELL’s Brand & Communications Manager Faith Mauta there is still a general lack of awareness about the benefits of leasing but industry is now gaining traction in the region.


Faith Mauta

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