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Valley is a Canadian based manufacturer of bath products at their manufacturing plant located in Mission, British Columbia. They produce high quality products including bathtubs, shower receptors, and basins for the interna¬tional bath market.

They manufacture a full line of acrylic bathtubs, shower receptors and basins in their Mission, British Columbia plant. You can always be assured of a 100percent Canadian-made product manufactured to the highest standards of quality and design.

According to Vallley’s Marketing and Business Development Manager Ravi Beech their company’s products are not available in Africa but they are in the process of looking for agents on the continent. Ravi added that their products are made in Canada, from high end design to high end quality manufacturing and Valley continues to thrive for success and has created several luxurious materials and designs allowing clients to customize products so they have a unique piece of art in their home. As the luxury market in Africa grows, Valley is at this markets service providing unique and high quality luxury products for the luxury African bath industry.

Their kitchen faucets are among the hardest working fixtures in homes and are used countless times per day. Faucets that contains brass could be a risk to your health since brass con¬tains lead which can leach into your water. The best option for a kitchen faucet would be one made of solid stainless steel, such as the faucets in the VALLEY Pure Water Series at Savemore Plumbing.

Since stainless steel does not leach lead or other harmful chemicals into the water it provides you with the purest water possible.


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