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VARIANT FACTORY – leading manufacturer of form-work and scaffolding

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Operating since 1995, VARIANT FACTORY LTD is part of a production corporation of five enterprises.

These enterprises are involved in metal working and the manufacturing of metal working machinery.

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They are the leading manufacturer of form-work and scaffolding for the monolithic building in Ukraine.

The corporation was born as a company for metal sections, stamps and molds production.

As they progressed, the engineering skills of the staff later saw the company start to develop different systems of form-work and scaffolding, now dominating in the market of Ukraine.

The specialists at Variant Factory permanently design new lines of products.

The strong team of managers, export executives and service engineers all do there best to support each and every project through-out their different phases.

The result of their efforts has acquired trust by hundreds of customers, among which are many well-known construction and mounting organizations, production enterprises and sales companies; from Ukraine and other countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Their products consist of:-

  • Wall form-works
  • Slab form-works
  • Climbing form-works
  • Special form-works
  • Safety systems


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