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VARIO-BAU Fertighaus GesmbH was founded as a limited company in 1983. Their products, prefabricated houses, are primarily sold as low energy or passive houses in wooden frame constructions using the brand name VARIO-HAUS.

The range of products include detached houses in all architectural forms and stages of construction, terraced housing, office buildings, kindergartens and other commercial buildings or municipal buildings.

Under the brand name of VARIO-BAU the company develops and constructs office buildings, kindergartens, municipal buildings, residential areas and projects for housing developing companies.

The sale of the houses takes place in six show homes in Austria. There are three show homes in the BlaueLagune /SCS near Vienna, one in the show park in Haid near Linz. Other show homes can be found in Graz and Klagenfurt.
Early 2006 a new show home was built as passive house in Nals/Southern Tyrol, Italy.

The VARIO-HAUS production site near Wiener Neustadt is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities for fabricated houses in Europe. It has State of the art technology computer aided production machines which guarantee precision by the millimeter and maximum quality of all prefabricated parts and components.

Very important for a number of export customers is the fact that VARIO-BAU does not only deliver complete residential homes or residential areas, but alsoprefabricated elementslike walls, ceilings or roof trusses. As these are elements of their industrial production VARIO-HAUS can offer substantial price advantages. And the transport is no problem, as trucks or large containers are just ideal for the job.

According to the company, Building low-energy or passive houses really helps reducing the future energy consumption, especially in areas which need to be heated or cooled during the year. By having the right thermal insulation one can keep the heat out of a house just with an air conditioner with very low power consumption. Furthermore, in sunny areas of the world it is a main focus to offer photovoltaic energy panels fully integrated into the façade of a VARIO-HAUS to produce electricity which can be used by its residents.


VARIO-BAU Fertighaus GesmbH

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