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Veekmas Oy is the pioneer in the road construction industry of road technology; specialized since 1982 in the design, manufacture and product development. The company manufacture motor graders for underground mines and for construction as well. They have delivered low-profile Veekmas UG motor graders to several African countries but also some traditional motor graders for construction.

The uniqueness

Their long-term experience, entrepreneurship background, and continuous customer oriented design bring solutions which represent the technological top of the industry. The firm manufacture long-lasting, practical and environmentally friendly motor graders which are of highest quality and economical at the same time. Veekmas motor graders are manufactured on made-to-order basis, taking each customer’s individual needs and wishes into account. Their motor graders have unique technical properties which competitors’ products do not have; as they continuous aim to be a couple of steps in front of their competitors.

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The construction of the frame, drawbar circle and chassis are the strongest in the market. Strong construction does not vibrate and is not flexible either in hard working conditions. The sturdy steel main frame and the most components in the drawbar circle can even be recycled at the end of the product life cycle, which also proves the strength of the components. The joint construction of the drawbar circle consists of straight pins and bushings, and no ball joints are used in the drawbar circle.

The quality of Veekmas motor graders means above all economic efficiency and long term profitability. The seamless cooperation and open communication between parties make sure that the end result is a functioning and long-lived quality product which keeps well its resale value.

The electronic CAN-bus based IQAN control and monitoring system allows a diversified blade automatism and separate settings for different operators or different operating conditions. The setting adjustments can also be made by the factory. The fault finding process is also facilitated, thanks to the informative fault codes and remote access to the machine.

Veekmas Motor Graders

The middle blade rises automatically when reversing with floating activated. The windrow spreader and the snow-stop also rise automatically from operation when reversing. The control of the output of the electrically pre-controlled hydraulic system is stepless and takes place by propo valves. The operator can adjust the maximum speed of the hydraulics according to his needs – especially in conditions which require special accuracy.

Veekmas Motor Graders have a reversed transmission system, where the transmission is situated transversally at the back of the motor grader. The solution has several advantages, among other things, a low cabin noise level, easier maintenance, and improved weight distribution. The placing of the transmission and the declining design of the engine bonnet allow excellent operator visibility backwards for safe reversing.

The tiltable ROPS-certified cabin includes as standard, for example, a CD-player, automatic cabin-integrated air-condition, an air-cushioned and heated operator seat, dark tinted glass, openable side windows, as well as electrically adjustable and heated rear-view mirrors (in the Nordic countries). The front wheels can be steered by a joystick with a two hands control lever system, while operating the machine on working gears.

Diversified Operating tasks

Choose a motor graders which is capable and diversified to different operating tasks. Buy a motor grader which is heavy enough and which has enough horse powers. Veekmas motor graders have especially heavy construction with basic machine weight of ca. 20 000 kg and ca. 280 hp. A heavy construction guarantees a long operating life and the need of spare parts is less. Furthermore, the heavy machine with enough engine power is the most efficient in operation. Require high level of operator friendliness and easy service.

Veekmas Kitee 2016

The tiltable cabin, gearbox locating at the back of the machine and several unique technical solutions make Veekmas motor graders easy to be maintained. Take notice of good visibility to every direction; the declining design of engine bonnet gives excellent visibility backward, and the doors without frames and well as large windows allow operator to see the middle blade in operation. Above all, keep your eye on unique technical solutions, long term economy, easy service and long operating life.


The electronic CAN-bus based control and monitoring system allows a diversified blade automatism and separate settings for different operators or different operating conditions. The fault finding process is also facilitated, thanks to the informative fault codes and remote access to the machine.


Quality and practicality are the most important factors when selecting components and spare parts. The motor graders are constructed with world-renowned and proven components which are commonly available. The best components are chosen and they are installed in accordance with the installation instructions given by the original manufacturers. Because of the strong construction and the high-class components the need for spare parts is minor in comparison with more lightly constructed motor graders.


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