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Vekmar Company was founded in the first half of 90’s and aimed at increasing its range of product and service by adapting full solution in the realm of energy sector.

The company gained momentum during in the first years of 2000’s and put emphasis on establishing long term relations with both customers and suppliers.

The company has always employed certified and qualified engineers and invested in quality-control in order to preserve rights and benefits of customers.

Vekmar is preferred by all range of customer group especially, electrical engineering companies, industrial plants, electrical contractors and regional sale firms thanks to its contemporary and commercial philosophy. It presents the best conditions to its customers via supply power with which high sale potential has provided.

Vekmar primarily chosen by domestic and foreign business partners continues to have its leading position by establishing norms for service quality, contributing to sector standards and creating high value integrated solution alternatives exceeding customer’s expectations.

Range of products offered by the company include: Electric Motors, Power & Distribution Transformers, Medium Voltage Cells, Compensation and Energy Quality, A/G Switch and Automation Devices, Counters, Low Voltage Panel Manufacture, General Project Services, Full Material Sale and Connecting Components.

According to experts in the company, the power transformer industry is predominantly heavy capital equipments, which requires a considerable capital investment in its acquisition. In the short-run, investors and end-users make price their focus instead of  quality. In the emerging future, consumers will mainly focus on the quality, which is the ideal investment considering the life-span of such quality investments against less quality with major focus on acquisition cost.



George OSEI

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