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Ventera Energy Corporation was formed in January 1st, 2004 by the designer, inventor and President of Ventera Energy Corporation, Elliott Bayly. Their extensive experience not only included the design of the Ventera 10kW Wind Turbine but also included design and manufacture of the Whirlwind line of 1000 to 4000watt wind generators and the Whisper line of 500 to 4500watt turbines sold to Southwest Windpower.

During their 3 years of design, prototyping and field testing, Ventera Energy Corp are proud to present to the world their all-new 10 kilowatt VT10 Wind Turbine. In July 2011their technology was purchased by the North Coast Wind & Power, LLC, an Ohio based company and Ventera Wind, Inc. was formed in September 2011 with Dr. Bayly as part of the new team. They are currently pursuing distributors in the African region.
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Their team is set to continue providing the high quality wind energy that consumers demand. Their turbines have improved over the years with top quality parts to minimize maintenance, eliminate rusting issues on key components and improved performance. The Ventera VT-10 produces clean, emissions-free power for homes, farms, schools, and businesses. Where more than 10kW of electrical production is required, multiple turbines have been installed with lower installed cost and greater production availability than a larger more costly wind turbine system. The Ventera VT-10 has a rated power output of 9.3 kilowatts at 11m/s or 39.6 km/h wind speed.

Jonathan Peters, Sales Manager advises potential buyer to first consider the wind resource at the location. He says wind turbine of any size needs to be located where there is enough consistent wind for effective power production and the required tower height will be determined after a site evaluation is performed. Peters recommends consultation with a local installer experienced with wind turbine siting and installation.

Peters further comments on the emerging trends regarding the product that, “Rising electrical utility costs, the desire for energy independence and a clean energy resource are significant factors in the growth of distributed wind energy.”

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