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The foundations of Verdegro were laid in 2003 by G.C. Verwijs and S. de Groot. It was initiated with the development of mobile traffic systems. Three years later Verdegro belonged to the larger players on the market. Thanks to the development of the first LED arrow trailer on solar energy, which very soon became a great success, the need came to move into a larger building with better facilities, which was found in Roosendaal.

Since 2008, Verdegro is one of the largest producers of mobile traffic systems in Europe.

Over the years the list of innovative hybrid products has grown and that has led to many breakthroughs in traffic engineering. The company’s systems are characterized by safety, innovation and environmental awareness.

Verdegro is your designer, manufacturer and supplier of traffic safety systems, impact absorbing systems and Full Color LED displays. Of course you can also contact them for service, maintenance of such products and custom build products on request.

The Verdegro Group develops and produces traffic safety systems, most of all mobile traffic safety systems. The Verdegro traffic products are daily used in many countries worldwide, as well by Government and private companies.

Since 2003 Verdegro engaged in the development of energy absorption systems. Verdegro developed, as the only manufacturer in Europe, a TMA-US 100k equipped with a crash cushion entirely built of aluminum, full scale tested according to the NCHRP-350 test and has been approved by TRL and VTI (NCHRP 350 approved test-houses) and passed the UK Impact Test of 110km/h also.

Verdegro Group develops and produces LED Light Towers used in the Mining Industry, Full Color LED systems solar powered for advertisement and traffic safety warning systems. For the traffic safety systems the company delivers different types of lighting systems according the NEN-EN-12966-1+A1.

According to experts in the company, it will be mandatory for countries to use TMA’s during Roadwork’s to protect the workers and to maintain a safe work environment. Also solar powered products will be the future in becoming co2 neutral and to have less maintenance costs of the machinery being used.



Herman Harderwijk

[email protected]