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VIGOR Technology is a technically oriented industrial company, specialized in lift designing and manufacturing based in Greece. The company was founded by a team of mechanical and electrical engineers with long experience in Elevator Business. Its main focus is to provide reliable, easy-to-install and operate, products to its customers.

VIGOR products include any lift that conforms to the requirements of the 2014/33EU (former 95/16/EC) Lifts Directive and lifting mechanisms that conform to the requirements of the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.

The company is unique in this industry in that, it is highly competent in designing any typical or custom made lift according to the final customer needs and preferences. Every lift is designed from the beginning and then it is sent specifically for the intended project.

Lifts are very sensitive products according to Apostolos Kiriakidis a co-owner at Vigor Technology, as they carry our lives and the lives of our beloved ones. Extreme care, he says, should, therefore, be given to the consistent design of the lift, the reliability of the components used, the quality of the final product and of course, the support of the company prior and after the commissioning of each lift. “Price is of course a key factor, however it should be compensated in safety-wise” he concludes.

VIGOR Technology has designed and successfully delivered lifts in various projects in different countries including, South Africa in Africa, Bangladesh in India, St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, Latvia in Europe, İstanbul in Turkey, Frankfurt and Marburg in Germany among others.