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Vimatec S. A. was founded in 1995 to manufacture and trade in Construction chemicals, involving developing innovative construction technologies.

Their Concrete and Mortar Improvers offer various improvements through physical-chemical ways: a) In fresh mixtures by facilitating the user b) In hardened mixtures by improving quality and life span of construction Usually added in fresh cement mix mass, providing this way a wider range of applications. Simply by adding small quantities of such materials, impressive improvements can be accomplished.

Their VIMAROL Water reducer Concrete plasticizer also acts as waterproofing admixture and reduces water permeability into concrete due to concentration optimisation and reduces of porosity. Also reduces mixing water and improves cement’s hydration.

According to Vimatec S.A their company is focusing in Africa and recently  they  started a cooperation in Libya (in June) and last year they have sent some materials to a Greek company for a project in Zambia.

The company also is looking for distribution companies and they have to have the technical knowledge and sometimes the technical experience.


Water reducer – Concrete plasticizer It is used for preparing pumpable, fair-faced and high-strength concrete improves workability by reducing mixing water as well as cement’s.


High range water reducer/Concrete super plasticizer It is used for preparing pumpable and fair-faced concrete with dense reinforcement or/and thin cross section.

Reduces required mixing water during preparation and improves significantly workability of ready mixed concrete.

Concrete setting retarder

Its use is mandatory for the delivery of ready-mixed concrete especially under high temperatures. Allows continuous concreting, prevents creating of work joints and improves workability of concrete.


Vimatec S. A.
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