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Construction sector requires generators to supply large amounts of power. Generating sets are in fact are widely used in building, whether it is for road construction site, civil or industry, construction companies always have one or more generating sets among their equipment.

In many years of experience, Visa has focused its attention on this sector developing different ranges of machines, in standard version or with different degrees of customization, very robust through a reinforced structure.

Thanks to the expertise that it has developed in over 60 years of presence in the market, Visa SpA manufactures products suitable for specific environmental conditions (such as African regions) where quality cannot be underestimated and cost remains an important factor.

All units are built with the best reliable components and high attention to details, even the basic versions are provided with a top-level equipment.

Among the most required features, Visa offers many different solutions, such as lifting hooks to hang the machine to the crane for handling, additional socket kits, trailers, remote monitoring to start/stop the unit and check parameters, as well as anti-theft systems, detecting also unauthorized fuel usage for real time protection and many more.

Right because of its great reliability and expertise, Visa has been cooperating for some years with a primary equipment manufacturer in the sector of earthmovers, mining and tower cranes.

For this project, Visa provides a range of special designed gensets, tailor-made in fully accordance with the customer’s requirements, extremely compact and mounted directly on board to power all the functions while the crane is stopped and operating.  Generating sets are all in super-silent version, equipped with Stage V compliant engines and developed following the client’s strict indications in terms of volumes, weights and maneuverability.

This special series guarantees a low noise level during its functioning and this is a particularly advantageous aspect for night operations.

Beside generating sets, the Visa SpA Group also manufacturers industrial motorpumps, equipped with compliant engines, for dewatering use. This range includes innovative systems for pumping water of fluids, systems that have the advantage of being able to be adapted to any requirements for liquid transport, even with solid parts in suspension.

The Italy-based company has always paid special attention on its customers’ needs, producing reliable and cost-effective solutions including design, installation, operation and maintenance and granting full assistance all over the world.

When choosing a genset brand, it is fundamental to evaluate the supplier in terms of their ability to fully support the projects especially where the ambient conditions are very challenging.