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Visa Spa-a leading provider of high tech gensets, motor pumps and power solutions

Headquartered in Italy, Visa Spa is an over 60 year’s old company dedicated to designing, production, sales, and rental of highly technological generating sets ranging from 9 to 3,000 kVA and other power solutions as well as motor pumps.

Visa SpA solutions can be tailored to all situations and sectors: from telecommunications to construction and engineering, industry, as well as hospitals, retail, and entertainment, just to mention a few. Besides the complete standard range, Visa SpA offers more sophisticated custom made generating sets for more complex applications. Because of its long experience and product diversification, Visa SpA has been able to develop specific ranges of products based on the environment and geographic areas.

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Onis Visa is a very well-known brand in Africa, which is an important market where the company has long made a determined effort to underpin Africa’s economic growth, supporting projects in different sectors such as mining and energy, government ministries and public organizations, data centers, water pumping stations and infrastructures ranging in scale from 9 to 2500 kVA.

Particularly for the telecommunication sector,  the company has notably played a significant role in the advancement of Africa’s telecommunications industry by providing thousands of generators ranging from 13 to 20 kVA, featuring some specific characteristics such as oversized base frames, onboard fuel tanks to increase operating autonomy and safety for a longer run time in remote areas, remote control system via GSM to start/stop the machine or to monitor in real-time the parameters and alarms and planning a timely intervention in case of need just as if the operator were physically present in front of the control panel.

Other than the African region, Visa SpA solutions have been used in regions such as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, etc. The company exports its solutions directly or through its very well established network of dealers, distributors, and technical support centers across the globe.

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