Voith- 80 years of Hydro-power in Africa

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Head quartered In Germany, Voith has successfully accompanied the construction and
modernization of hydro-power plants in Africa.

For more than 80 years, their experts have implemented projects in more than 25 countries with close collaboration with local partners.

Approximately 25% of the currently installed turbine capacity in Africa was supplied by Voith.

Some of their most recent projects include:

  • Equipping the Ethiopian hydro-power plant “GILGEL GIBE II” with intelligent solutions.
  • Implementing the first fully virtual hydro-school training for employees of the “MOUNT COFFEE” hydro-power plant.
  • The rehabilitation of the “INGA” hydro-power plant.
  • The modernization of the “MOUNT COFFEE” hydro power plant in Liberia.
  • The expansion of the “CAMBAMBE” hydro-power plant in Angola.

To promote the use of hydro-power; Flexibility in financing, competence and commitment are essential.

In close collaboration with leading financial institutions and insurers,
They make it possible for their African customers to spread the costs of constructing or rehabilitating hydro-power plants over a realistic period of time.

Together with the customers, they work on:-

  1. The development of ultra-modern systems
  2. The repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure &
  3. The transfer of knowledge

Their experts in Heidenheim, Germany, and around the world not only provide the necessary equipment but also local partners and employees are on site to support their customers during the project.

This also includes ensuring the transfer of knowledge: they train future experts locally on how to operate plants.


The Ethiopian hydro-power plant “Gilgel Gibe II” will be completely modernized.
The interior view after the modernization of “Inga 1”.
“Cambambe” during the rehabilitation work. The goal: a significant increase in performance.