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Wagner Meters are the respected world leader in moisture meter and moisture management solutions. For almost 50 years, Wagner’s field proven moisture meter technology has helped thousands of valued customers improve profits and eliminate wood and concrete moisture-related problems. They have been helping wood flooring professionals and do-it-yourselfers to install beautiful and long-lasting wood floors with the help of wood moisture meters.

Successful floors are built on a solid understanding of subfloor moisture content measurement. The Rapid RH® moisture test for concrete floors gives you a confident place to stand. It gives flooring and building professionals the concrete moisture data they need to meet ASTM F2170 standards. With the award-winning Rapid RH® Datamaster™, data records and ASTM F2170 reporting starts in the palm of your hand.

Measuring concrete moisture with the Rapid RH® saves your bottom line with lowest cost per test, lower time and labor costs, and increased confidence in RH testing and reporting. The Rapid RH® test system is so advanced that it works almost automatically. Once installed, the Smart Sensor™ and Easy Reader™ work together to provide accurate, instant readings at a touch. Add the award-winning Rapid RH® Datamaster, and ASTM-compliant reports become streamlined too.

Unlike surface-based moisture tests of the past, the Rapid RH®’s in-situ relative humidity testing is proven to give a more accurate overall picture of concrete moisture. See the science that gives the Rapid RH® a competitive edge in RH testing with their free webinar.  Not only does the Rapid RH® meet industry standards, but it also met with industry approval. From the original Rapid RH® to their Rapid RH® DataMaster™, their products have been awarded some pretty impressive accolades and reviews. Their products are found in Africa particularly South Africa. They are currently looking for distributors from Africa.

Jason Spangler, the Marketing Manager advices potential buyers that moisture can ruin flooring installations.  Whether wood or concrete, utilizing the products they manufacture to measure the level of moisture prior to installation will save many headaches.

Spangler also commented on the emerging trends concerning the industry, “More and more flooring professionals are realizing the need for more accurate concrete moisture testing to insure they don’t have any problems after an installation.”


Wagner Meters

Jason Spangler