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Wasserkraft Volk AG (WKV) is one of the global market leaders for “Water-to-Wire” solutions for small  and medium hydropower plants all over the world for more than 40 years.

Art of engineering with fascinating technology at the highest level.

These characteristics are still reflected in our products under the  “MADE IN GERMANY” seal in over 50 countries around the world and prove themselves day after day.  

WKV is the only manufacturer of turbines and generators under one roof and therefore offers a 5 years  warranty.

The WKV synchronous generators are suitable not only for hydropower plants, but also for all prime movers e.g. steam turbines.  

The outstanding quality of the WKV equipment together with the ambitious after-sales service is the guarantee for the highest availability and a trouble-free operation for many decades.

The highest availability and reliability of the electromechanical equipment is the guarantee for our customers to pay back their loans in time. 

WKV is your partner for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service, not only for the warranty period but for the complete lifetime of your plant! 

In 2013 WKV delivered a small WKV crossflow turbine to the Virunga National Park, in D.C. Congo.

The small turbine was erected and commissioned only by local personal with the support of WKV from Germany.

As there is no national grid in this area, the electromechanical equipment needs to be designed for isolated operation, whicj is always challenging!

The turbine was equipped with a flywheel to increase the inertia and to ensure a stable isolated operation.

The turbine supplies the regional area and a field office of  the National Park.

Power station with WKV Crossflow turbine
WKV crossflow turbine designed for isolated operation

In 2015 WKV delivered the second electromechanical equipment “water-to-wire” for the Virunga National  Park, close to the head of the Park administration.

This project is much bigger and hence the isolated operation is even more challenging and complex.

The WKV Francis turbine units with a total power output  of 13MW are equipped each with a flywheel to increase the inertia for a stable operation in isolated mode. 

The power station supplies parts of the National Park and surrounding villages. Further cities will be  connected step by step.

Power plant with 3 WKV Francis turbines, designed for isolated operation
Power plant with 3 individual penstocks
Local operators and WKV engineer during training

In 2019 WKV went with two sales engineers to Windhoek, Namibia.
At the
AFRICA 2019 exhibition WKV had a stand and many interesting dialogues with the visitors took place.

Africa 2019 exhibition in Windhoek, Namibia
WKV stand

The renewable and reliable source of energy is a key in the vision of the Virunga National Park.

This will  generate many advantages for the people in these areas.

They have now the first time lights in their lives. 

This does not only generate new opportunities at home, but also new business opportunities.

Additionally,  the villages were equipped with street lights, what makes the streets saver at the night time.

Hydropower is the only renewable source which can provide energy extremely reliable, during day and night time and not only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.

No expensive energy storage system is required and the lifetime of a Hydropower plant is much longer than of all other renewable solutions. 

WKV is looking for sales representatives in Africa. If you have the right background we are waiting for your  application documents. 



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