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Water Powered Technologies Ltd is the leading designer of zero energy water management systems. Their constantly expanding range of solutions does not use any fossil fuel or electric power.

The Company has zero energy rainwater harvesting to turn rainwater into safe, drinking water for remote communities as well as provide solutions for resource efficient agriculture where the Company’s patented PAPA Pump is being used in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Angola and South Africa.

Farmers and remote communities appreciate the light, easy to maintain PAPA Pump which is able to transport water for free over long distances. Currently larger installations with multiple PAPA Pumps delivering over 1 million litres a day are being quoted for in Ghana Oil Palm plantation where the expected return on investment vs diesel pumps should be only a few years.

Added to benefits of improved irrigation on crop yields and “the benefits are a no brainer for any farmer small and large” says Commercial Director Hugh Swire. But as the PAPA Pump should need no spare parts for many years, traditional Pump and irrigation equipment resellers have not been keen on launching the product. “It is great for the customer but pump companies don’t make any money on spare part sales so we need different resellers to take this proven product up” concludes Company Technical Director Philip Selwyn.

However, for mining and very large agricultural concerns, the Company will launch the Venturo Pump in 2015; models of this unit can move over 1 billion litres a year and – as with the PAPA Pump, just use the natural flowing water to power a pumping action which can send water to great distances.

Together the PAPA Pump and Venturo allow farmers or regions throughout Africa to capture excess rainfall and pump it long distances to be used later in drought. Climate change is a global mega trend which means every African nation has to preserve every drop of water and of course, if less water is allowed to enter already flooded rivers; damaging floods might be mitigated for growing cities across Africa.

Water Powered Technologies is not only looking for distributors but can tailor their unique energy & water saving systems for many tailor made requirements in mining and agriculture and are always looking for partners in Africa to benefit from their patented technology.


Water Powered Technologies Ltd

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