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Weckenmann company was founded in 1957 and is now one of the world leaders in the construction of plants for the production of precast concrete elements. It is an engineering company with two machinery manufacturing plants in Germany.

Based on a long term experience Weckenmann has the ability to build, design and install customized individually designed complete plants for an individual mix of products. For the modernization or upgrading of existing plants Weckenmann supplies the technology especially for the production of housing components made of precast concrete such as:

  • walls (solid and double walls)
  • façades
  • sandwich walls
  • slabs
  • columns
  • beams

All for PRECAST. From single moulds & Mobile Plants to fully automated Plants for Solid-/Sandwich walls, pre-stressed slabs, columns, beams. All for Panel & Framing house building.


Battery moulds

Based on many successful years of experience in the construction of battery moulds, Weckenmann developed a concept of transportable formwork for the vertical manufacturing of flat precast concrete elements in form of a field factory – the ideal solution for large temporary construction sites.

Its investment costs are low and, due to its compact design, it requires a relatively small installation footprint to produce elements just-in-time. Just a few people are needed to set it up or dismantle it in a few working days.

The technical solution foresees that a battery mould is built on a special vehicle in form of a semitrailer, which can be moved by standard tractors. The special vehicle is used to transport the heavy central and outer mould. These central elements of the battery mould and other plant components such as control, heating and hydraulic unit are fixed mounted on the special vehicle.

Weckenmann; For highly productive precast concrete elements
Circulation systems

The principle of a circulation system enables high production capacities in connection with a high degree of mechanization and automatization and can be used to produce almost every precast concrete part.

The principle is similar to an assembly line production and as a result, jobs can be set optimally on the work. In combination with the use of fast and precise working machines there can emerge plants with a yearly production volume of more than 1,000,000m² precast concrete parts.

The advantages of a circulation system also exist in a reduced working space with a very high production output as well as a high energy saving and effective material flow.

Weckenmann has been developing lots of automated solutions for circulation systems during the past years (i.e. Large-scale plotters, formwork robots and automated concrete spreaders) and builds complete plants equipped with a modern CAD and ERP system for the planning and control process.

Formwork and magnet system / Tilting table

In a modern production plant for precast concrete parts, the formwork system is the “heart” of the plant. The formwork is in direct contact with the concrete and is therefore crucial to a high degree of the accuracy and quality of the precast concrete products. To ensure a high level of profitability, the formwork system must be in addition simple and easy to use. The long-lasting Weckenmann experience is found in every formwork, from the customer consultation to the design, manufacturing and dispatch to the customer.

Weckenmann; For highly productive precast concrete elements

Basic strengths and advantages are distinguishing features of the Weckenmann tilting tables. They are made of special sheet metal with a flat and even surface of high quality and therefore guarantee a top-quality production of wall elements and facades. In addition, the latest high-frequency vibrators assure an optimum concrete compaction. Thus, Weckenmann can basically adapt the tilting tables to meet the specific country and company conditions of the client.