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Western CO Srl is an Italian based company that has more than three decades of experience in the photovoltaic market and industrial electronics. Their products are as a result of a persistent and continuous investment in Research and Development, as well as the professionalism of their staff and the business know-how acquired over many years. These have made Western CO. synonymous with reliability and expertise in the off-grid PV sector.

The company’s objective is to build a world in which everyone can produce and exchange renewable energy. For this reason, in many years of experience it has specialized in creating systems for the self-production of energy from renewable sources and today is a reference point in the sector at both national and international levels.

Western CO is projected towards international development dynamics draws inspiration every day from strong values ​​such as innovation, integrity, excellence in service and respect for the environment to achieve high levels of quality and reliability.

The know-how acquired by their teams make today the Western CO. a reference company in the off-grid photovoltaic energy sector. Their systems meet people’s needs without resorting to incentives or external aid. This is due to the firm’s constant and uninterrupted investment in research and technology. The excellence of the technology used comes enhanced by the guarantee of careful and rigorous testing process to measure the functionality and efficiency of the single product made.

Quality, not only of the products but of the entire production process. This is the priority for the company. From product conception to after-sales assistance. Western CO. is able to meet the needs of customers both from the point of view of products and quality, providing complete tested electronic circuits. The company is aware of what it is like it is essential to guarantee care and assistance over time with the utmost promptness and effectiveness to meet all customer needs.

The company has expanded both in the markets of developing countries and within advanced economies. Speaking on developing countries Alessandra Cimini, Foreign Sales Dept. affirms that Africa is important market of their products. “Yes, Africa is important because we are working in the OFF-GRID sector and there is a need of energy in Africa more than other parts of the world because the Grid cannot satisfy all the African’s needs. Furthermore, we are now part of Alliance of Rural Electrification that organize exhibitions especially in East Africa, but due to Coronavirus this service is on hold.”

He, further expounds on what makes their products unrivaled. The company’s products are robust, of high quality and best technology. They are made in Italy 100%, and they have a warranty of 5 years and many other aspects that depend on a particular product.

Cimini concludes as he urges clients to work with high quality standards because energy is a key in the future of the countries, “To use products and services that are not good means to erase people’s freedom. Not giving them a really good service in energy and the opportunity to grow is therefore widening the gap between the North and the South of the world more and more. Talking about energy is talking about freedom and social development.”

Today they can boast themselves that on led lighting systems from photovoltaics as well as on production and storage systems energy this result has been fully achieved.