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Winco has been refining the skill of power generation since 1927. They are the broadest generator manufacturer under one roof and will provide a solution for most generator needs. Their goal is to make generators that work as hard as you.

WINCO’s industrial line sets itself apart by using the best components along with the best manufacturing processes. Each generator is inspected and tested at 100% load. WINCO engineers pay attention as much to components you see as well as to the ones you don’t see.

According to WINCO Inc’s Sales Manager Peter Call their company is focusing in the African market and they have their units in African countries.

Peter also added that their generators fit in the African environment in that they are top-of-the-line and are built for rugged conditions whether it is dusty, sandy, hot or cold, humid, etc.

Each generator end, steel part, paint spec, circuit breaker and receptacle is carefully selected and tested to provide the maximum life and best reliability. The most demanding industries depend on WINCO generators because they are the most durable while providing exceptionally clean and reliable power.

The WINCOgenerators aren’t your ordinary home emergency generators. The highest quality and most reliable components have been selected to provide exceptional reliability and value. The commercial V-twin engine starts easily and provides consistent and smooth power. A generator end with <5% total harmonic distortion is safe for sensitive electronics. With this generator installed in your home or business you will be capable of running essential loads like sump pumps, well pumps, furnaces, refrigerators, TV’s, lights and computers.

WINCO’s DYNA consumer portable generators are perfect for the cabin, projects around the house or to keep your well and sump pump going during an outage.



Peter Call

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