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wineo® is a young brand – and yet stands on experienced and highly competent feet because behind wineo® are the successful family companies, Windmöller Flooring and Witex Flooring Products, which were merged in January 2013.

The name wineo® now sounds the bell for the future of floor coverings. The high quality laminate floors, the elastic design floorings, the modern multi-layers and the environmentally friendly bio PU floors embody the complete passion of their team, which is always developing new and innovative products with lots of commitment and flair.

With PURLINE, wineo® offers the first ecologically resilient floor covering that is made of around 90% renewable raw materials and natural fillers. It is based on bio-polyurethane, one of the highest quality plastics, which is versatile, wear-resistant and very resistant to solvents, chemicals and weather effects. Thanks to these properties, it is commonly used among other things in the automotive and furniture industry, in the health and care sector and for sports equipment.

PURLINE is the first organic flooring worldwide that is not only thoroughly ecological thanks to the use of rapeseed and castor oil and the natural filler material chalk, but also unbeatably sustainable due to the considerable savings on water and care products it affords over its entire service life. PURLINE meets the highest standards for healthy living spaces and is also odorless and emission-free. Its production dispenses entirely with chlorine, plasticisers and solvents, meaning that no potentially harmful substances can be emitted.

With PURLINE, however, Windmöller does not only invest its production know-how in series production, but also in the production of custom-built products according to customer specifications. For sophisticated solutions, the wineo® organic flooring can be used, for example, for contract furnishing, in individual designs on request of the customer.

Because at wineo® they are convinced that a floor covering is more than a floor covering, it is the stage on which life has to fit their customers’ very personal feeling at home –they call that “Stage of Life”. And they work day after day to create the perfect floor for every lifestyle.

Windmöller laminate floorings are specially protected against humidity (“Aqua-Protect®”) and their resilient floor coverings are highly suitable for high temperatures making them suitable for the African environment.

Windmöller Flooring Products GmbH

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