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WindStax® Wind Power Systems is a full-service wind power company. They design and manufacture their own brand of unique plug-and-play wind power systems for residential and commercial off-grid, microgrid, and supplemental stationary power requirements. The company incorporates many industries including high-performance battery storage in a self-contained, portable, and reliable green energy system that is inexpensive to own and operate.

Similar to standby generator, they provide emergency wind power without the fuss, noise, uncertainty and expense of a gas or diesel generator directly from the batteries and inverters. Unlike standby generators, they stores their power at all times, ready for any instant in cases of power failure.

They offer lightweight and portable wind turbines that can be installed anywhere. They deliver and install units at their customer’s location providing them with their expert advice. Their turbines are friendly to the environment and require little maintenance due to few mechanical moving parts.

Nonetheless, they offer service contracts including an unprecedented 48-hour component swap-out service for electronics.

Their turbines generators are silent, safe, and, frankly, beautiful, designed to blends into their surroundings while providing good, clean, and free electricity. They have small footprint and are nearly silent at all wind speeds. They start producing electricity at wind speeds of 4 miles per hour. They are willing to engage with qualified distributors in Africa to deal with importing, Transportation, installation and service of their wind power systems.

Ronald Gdovic, CEO advises potential buyer to determine the quantity of electricity needed and the duration, to enable the experts provide them with a perfectly balanced system for their unique situation.

Gdovic also commented on the emerging trends regarding the product that, “Consumers are frustrated with centralized power grids with the local and global problems encountered with the traditional electricity generation are turning to solutions like ours “on the edge” of the grid. Wind, solar, water, and geothermal generate, store, and provide electricity at the source of consumption. However, microgrids are a growing trend whereby several or hundreds of consumers own a community power generation facility.”

WindStax Power Systems
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