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X-Calibur is a U.S. based Corporation that focuses exclusively on the manufacture and supply of specialist products for the construction industry. Their on-going commitment to ground-breaking technology is reflected by an international client list and a superb workforce, over 60% of whom are qualified engineers, chemists or technologists. X-Calibur in Africa

The company has been associated with Africa for many years and they produce concrete admixtures in four countries of Africa namely Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Sudan and they plan to expand their production to other countries such as Ethiopia where they are looking for distributors.

They produce a wide range of concrete admixtures which can be used for various purposes such as to maximize performance, prevent decay and repair damage.

a.       Xtreme – The Performance Admixture:

Xtreme is a new generation of admixture replacing admixtures based on traditional raw materials with Polycarboxylates. They are the ultra high performance admixtures. The range of admixtures under Xtreme namely Xtreme ES – High Early Strength, Xtreme HS – High Performance, Xtreme HF – Self Compacting Concrete, and Xtreme WR – High Workability Retention

b.       X-Mix Concrete Admixtures:

They also produce almost all types of concrete admixtures under the name X-Mix.

High performance superplasticising

This improves the effectiveness of a concrete mix by reducing surface tension. There by increasing the workability and pumpability of concrete. X-Mix HPN, X-Mix HPT and X-Mix HPX

Retarding water reducing

These admixtures maintain the workability and extend the working life of concrete in hot ambient temperatures. It is particularly suitable for use in mixes with low cohesion. X-Mix RPS, X-Mix RPR and X-Mix RPX

Air entraining

Entrains a controlled quantity of air which imparts greater workability and cohesion there by increasing the durability

Workability retention

It maintains the same workability by reducing the water content. It is suitable for high workability retention produced with low water content. X-Mix SP60, X-MixSP80 and X-Mix HPR 2 5Water reducing:

These admixtures disperse the fine particles in the concrete mix, enabling the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively and improving the consistency of the concrete. X-Mix WRA and X-Mix WRE

c. Waterproofing admixtures for concrete: X-Pruf CrystalMix

This admixture for concrete forms pore blocking crystal fibers which permanently waterproof treated concrete.

d. Corrosion inhibiting admixture: X-Mix CN

This admixture is calcium nitrite based and is used in steel reinforced concrete. It provides effective corrosion protection against chlorides in concrete.

e. Microsilica:

X-Calibur produces the high grade Densified and Undensified Microsilica with the SiO2 content of almost 92% to 96%.

The company has pioneered economical Mini Admixture Plants and technology package allowing investors to start production of quality products quickly and cost effectively and offers free of cost training courses in Concrete Technology which are conducted with association of the University of Johannesburg South Africa.

Syed Sadath Hussain
X-Calibur International FZC
[email protected]