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Since its foundation in 1965, Yapı Merkezi’s mission has been “to create and to realise construction projects that will serve humanity by creating happy environments”. Beginning in the 1980s, our activities have shifted towards large-scale general contracting works, especially the design and construction of metro and tramway projects.

Yapı Merkezi has been included in the Top 250 International Contractors List published annually by Engineering News Record since 1995. In 2014, Yapı Merkezi is ranked 127th in the list and in the Mass Transit/Light Rail category Yapı Merkezi is ranked the 14th largest in the world.

With 2.600km of railways and 300 stations across 39 projects, Yapı Merkezi provides safe transport for more than two million passengers each day on three continents.

Yapı Merkezi is a company with the proud quality of being a trusted and admirable “world brand”.

Yapı Merkezi in Africa

CaroubierWorkshop and Depot: Algeria
Caroubier_Workshop_ and_Depot

The Yapı Merkezi-InfrarailSpA consortium was awarded the turnkey Caroubier Workshop and Parking Area contract by the Algerian National Railway Operator SNTF (SociétéNationale des Transports Ferroviaires). The goal was to replace the existing freight train workshop in the Algerian capital and build a new maintenance and depot area for the fleet of 64 new suburban trains.

Yapı Merkezi acted as the leader of the consortium in partnership with the Algerian company InfrarailSpA, a subsidiary of the SNTF specialised in railway construction.

The project was completed in April 2011, within 27 months.

The scope of the project consisted of dismantling 13km (eight miles) of existing track, laying a total of 10km (6.2 miles) of new track, infrastructure works and construction of the new workshop and other technical and administrative buildings (a 28 500m2 closed area). This included electromechanical installations, the supply and installation of workshop equipment, electrification and catenary systems, the construction of access roads and parking areas and landscaping of the entire complex.

BirTouta – ZeraldaDouble-track Railway Line: Algeria

This project is located 25km (15.5 miles) south-west of the Algerian capital, Algiers, and consists of a new 20km (12.4-mile) double-track railway line with a 140km/h (87mph) design speed. Once completed, it will serve as the railway link between the city centre and the Zeralda district.

Along the alignment there are four railway viaducts, five railway bridges, six highway bridges, one 343m cut-and-cover tunnel, one 261m cut-and-cover structure, 540m of retaining walls and five new stations. The region’s hilly geography requires approximately 10 million m3 of earthworks and 27 500m2 of new heavy construction structures like bridges and viaducts.

Electrification, signaling (ERTMS Level 1), telecommunications and commissioning are also within the scope of the turnkey contract.

The projectis beingundertakenby a consortiumconsisting of Yapı Merkezi (consortiumleaderwith 87% share) and InfrarailSpA (13% contract share). The project is expected to be completed in July 2015.

Casablanca Tramway: Morocco

The Casa Tramway consists of 31km (19.3 miles)

of double-track tramline with 48 stops. The capacity of the transportation system is about 250 000 passengers/day. It’s the biggest urban rail system in North Africa, the second tramway in Morocco after Rabat and the first tramline in Casablanca.

After its inauguration in December 2012 the tramway has contributed massively to address the lack of urban mass transport in Casablanca, and has also generated an equilibrium between the different quarters of the city by opening up the suburan areas and bringing them closer to the city centre.

This project is also leading Casablanca into a new phase of urban regeneration through the completed works, which include the rehabilitation of the existing pavements with new borders, renewal of the city’s underground sewer network, installation of a new public lighting infrastructure and modern street furniture, the opening of five interchange stations to integrate with the other public transport modes and the planting of 4000 palms and shade trees.

Within the remit of this project, Yapı Merkezi has completed 21km (13 miles) of double-track tramway, a 61 000m2 depot area, 6.5km (four miles) of single-line tramway at the depot and 12 stops.

As the main contractor, Yapı Merkezi carried out the mobilisation works and successfully completed its phase of the works in less than two years – well ahead of the expected completion time. The project was completed within 26 months in total.

The Casa Tramway project was “Highly Commended” by the judges in the Worldwide Project of the Year category at the 2012 Light Rail Awards – held in association with Tramways & Urban Transit.

Sidi Bel Abbès Tramway: Algeria

This light rail project in Sidi Bel Abbès is a tramway with a core portion in the northern part of the city (Inter-station SidiDjilali / Benhamouda).

It will connect the city from the new August 20 stop on the southern ring road to the Cascade Station located in the east, along the western ring road that encircles the city. This route will allow the service to serve major points of interest and significant passenger generators such as the Institute of Medical Sciences, the hospital, the southern bus station, public gardens, the city’s core downtown area, SidiYacine, Maternity, the North Bus Station, the future railway station and the university campus.

In addition to the tramline, four park-and-ride sites and four interchange stations are planned. These intermodal hubs are located at the South Bus Station, the new railway station, the North Bus Station and Bus Station East. The park-and-ride sites are located at the South Bus Station, Maternity, Bus Station and North Station Road East.

There will also be a Maintenance Centre (CDM) and a Centralised Command Post (PCC) that will be located in the workshop.

The proposed tram system will feature low-floor trams with a length between 40m and 45m with a power supply of overhead catenary lines.

The entire line, including infrastructure and switche, is 17.9km (approximately 11miles). A total of 26 stops will be served by the tramline with an average spacing 157between stops of 700 m. The expected completion date is October 2016.

Sétif Tramway: Algeria

Another project for Yapı Merkezi in Algeria is the Sétif First Line Tramway Project in the city of Sétif, located 220km (approximately 170miles) south-east of the capital city. Construction of the project has been awarded to a consortium of Yapı Merkezi and Alstom Transport.

The scheme consists of two sections: the first will link the eastern neighborhoods and university with El Bez; the second will connect the crossroads of the Wilaya to Nova Bus Station and then on to Ain Trick.

The lengths of the lines, without taking into account the terminal connections and the depot total 22.2km (13.8 miles); 27 stops will be created for the first section and ten stops for the second section.

There are a total of 15 substations on the line, supplying a line voltage of 750V dc. There are two depots, one on a plot of eight hectares and the other on a plot of two hectares. There are four interchange stations and six park-and-ride sites along the line. The duration for this tramway project is 44 months.

Through its network of specialised companies, Yapı Merkezi has completed numerous successful national and international projects within the fields of transportation, rail systems, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, industrial and general service buildings, water collection and supply systems, restoration, strengthening and repair works, and mass housing and city planning.

Yapı Merkezi aims to continue its universal contributions to the civil construction sector by assuming and successfully executing important duties in construction projects both in Turkey and around the world.

El MekNimir Bridge: Sudan

El MekNimir Bridge is located in the city center of Khartoum over Blue Nile next to the Presidential Palace, Government Offices and Embassies. The bridge has been designed as an integral part of the ring roads to provide a solution for the chronical traffic problem in Khartoum city center.

The type of this bridge is “Steel Box Girder with Composite Deck. (With pylons at the main span piers)”

For construction of this bridge; Incremental launching System is used for methodology. Two main steel box girders and cross I beams are launched by 7 steps.

The length of El MekNimirBridge is 1.154,4 m. 642.5 m of this total length is steel composite bridge and 511,9 m is reinforced earth ramps. The width of the bridge ise 22 m. (2×2 lanes) Minimum navigation clearance is 7,0 m.

El MekNimir Bridge, also named as “The Pearl of Blue Nile” has become a very important icon for Khartoum. During the Inauguration Ceremony, President of the Sudan Republic El Beshir has awarded Yapi Merkezi a “State Decoration” for her efforts in reshaping Khartoum and Sudan.

Al Halfaia Bridge: Sudan

Al Halfaia Bridge has been designed to reduce the traffic congestion in Khartoum city center directing the flow of traffic onto outer ring roads before entering the city. Being located 15 km north of El MekNimir Bridge, the Halfaia Bridge is designed to connect the two important residential centers of the Khartoum City over the Nile, Halfaia and Omdurman.

Type of bridge is “Semi – Integral Bridge with Composite Steel – I – Beams” and “Continuous Composite Steel Box Girders at the Navigation Channel”.

As a construction method of this bridge; steel concrete deck is erected on drilled pile foundations and concrete piers. As for the navigation channel with a span of 64 meters, the system is a steel concrete composite deck supported by steel haunches.

The length of Al Halfaia Bridge is 910 m and the width of the bridge is 27 m. There is identical double deck (2 x 3 lanes) with the distance of 0,6 m between. Minimum navigation clearance is 6,5 m.

Al Halfaia Bridge has been successfully accomplished before contractual period of 28 months and handed over to the Employer (MPPPU) on February 28th, 2010.

Wahat Al Khartoum Shopping Mall-Office Complex: Sudan
Wahat_Al Khartoum_Shopping_Mall

The complex is located in Khartoum, capital city of Sudan, lying in the heart of the city of Khartoum. The Mall is in the city’s most desirable destination for both business and pleasure, offering a host for attractions including a shopping mall, restaurants, entertainment, offices, a business center and an international hotel. Complex has a covered area of 142.000 m2.

The scope of the project includes the architectural works of 128.000 m2-covered area, of which the civil works were already completed.  In addition, 14.000 m2 underground parking place constructed in front of the existing buildings. The project is finished at the end of 2009.

Wahat al Khartoum project consist of two parts. The first part is the 5storey Shopping Center. 11 storey office blocks and 11 storey hotel blocks comprise the second part.

Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway: Ethiopia

Yapı Merkezi launched the efforts for a new project in Ethiopia. The Awash–Kombolcha–Hara Gebaya Railway Project, will be completed in 42 months.  All works pertaining to design and construction are to be carried out by Yapı Merkezi.

Awash–Kombolcha–Hara Gebaya Railway Project will take an active role in transport between the center and the north of Ethiopia. It connects Oromia, Afar and Amhara regional states through railway and it also links to the new proposed Addis – Djibouti railway line which will ease import and export over Djibouti Port.

Single-track railway, starting from the north-east of Awash, will reach to Hara Gebaya through Kombolcha in the north, has an approximate length of 390 km.

In addition to the main route, along with additional station tracks and maintenance tracks, project total track length will reach a total of approximately 445 km.

Beside main railway line, all additional lines are considered to be electrified by Overhead Catenary System. Signalling and Telecomunication works are considered to be covered for all railway line and stations.

An Operation Control Center will be built to control the system.

4 Major Station Buildings and 6 Intermediate Stations will be provided.

Maintenance Workshop, General Store, Paint Shop, Generator Rooms, Mechanical Service and Utility Building, Wagon Wash Facility and Office Buildings will be constructed to provide maintenance to railway equipments.

Target is to set up a safe, efficient, high-capacity, durable, easy to maintain and repair, practically operable, economical, comfortable and modern rail system. The project is expected to be completed by mid-2018.