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ZUWA-Zumpe GmbH has been manufacturing high quality pumps and innovative pump systems for almost 70 years. The ample experience in designing and producing high end products enables them to offer a wide range of different devices.

The entire product range consisting of pumps, fuelling stations, plant protection systems as well as charging and flushing stations is in high demand all over the world. ZUWA is working in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, regularly controlled by TÜV SÜD. Process safety and constant quality is guaranteed

ZUWA’s Impeller pumps are displacement pumps. The rotor with flexible vanes is mounted concentrically in a circular housing which has a flattened area at one side. This provides the eccentric path for the impeller, thereby squeezing the flexible blades on this side.

The Impeller pumps can also be used for drinking water and beverages. All models are available with and without motor (12, 24, 230 or 400 Volt). The pumps can also be operated with PV power supply.

Some advantages of ZUWAs Impeller pumps

► Dry self priming

What makes impeller pumps outstanding – they do not need to be filled prior to operation. Impeller pumps are dry self priming from a depth of three meters. Pre-filling is required for a suction depth of three meters and more. The suction depth is max. 7 meters.

► High capacity

Depending on type and model their pumps are capable of transferring from between 3 liters up to 730 litres per minute. Tanks will be drained down to the last drop.

► Versatile

They are useful for many different fluids and applications. Materials of impellers, seals and pump housings can be selected according to the individual needs and applications required. ZUWA Impeller Pumps are available with AC and DC motors with various revolutions per minute.

► Smooth

Fluids are transferred absolutely free of pulsation. Smaller amounts of air or other gaseous fluids can be handled on the suction side.

► Reliable

All pumps are tested for continuous operation in their workshop. Top quality materials guarantee for a long durability.

► Easy maintaining

For cleaning and maintenance work the pumps are quickly and easily disassembled. Replacement parts can be ordered individually. Low operation costs!

► Sturdy

Impeller pumps will readily pump fluids with a wide range of viscosity, even highly viscous liquids such as oil or honey (up to 20 000 mPAS) as well as liquids containing solids. The approved media temperature is max. 90°C. A short dry-run of up to one minute can be tolerated.

Their products are found in African countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia.


ZUWA-Zumpe GmbH

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