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$104 Million Approved by African Development Bank for Ethiopian Power Transmission Project

Ethiopian Power Transmission project will receive funding as the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has just recently approved $104 million financial package that will be utilized in the support of the transmission project in the eastern region o Ethiopia. The primary objective of this project is to transform the power supply infrastructure o the region and upgrade the power distribution network efficiency.

The Director of Power Systems Development, Batchi Baldeh, stressed on the importance of upgrading their power grid to curb the issues of brownouts and load shedding in the eastern region of Ethiopia. He pointed out that this project majorly focuses on not only connecting various homes and industries to electric power but also to do away with depending on diesel generators as the main source of power.

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Ethiopian Power Transmission Project Funding

The African Development Bank will finance the Ethiopian Power Transmission project and has planned to give a $52 million grant. Furthermore, the Korea-Africa Energy Investment Framework Agreements, Korea Economic Development Fund will offer a loan of $52 million. This Ethiopian Power Transmission connectivity project will involve constructing 157 kilometers of 400 kilovolt double-circuit transmission lines and also substations which will be strategically located in Jijiga, Harar, and Fafem.

Other than the Ethiopian Power Transmission project, another initiative will provide support to the agricultural irrigation program of the government in eastern Ethiopia and will mainly focus on 462,174 hectares of land. The purpose of this program is to address the food security challenges that are faced in the region and also ensuring that there is sufficient fodder for livestock. The project will be also inclusive of an educational component that will offer opportunities to a total of 200 students with commitment to at least include 40% girls. These students will attain hands on learning experience during the entire construction period and grants that will enable them to attend courses of training in the energy sector.

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