19M Square-Kilometers New Murabba Project Brings AECOM on Board

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The New Murabba Development Company has awarded AECOM a contract for the 19M square kilometers New Murabba project. The client company has signed an agreement with AECOM to provide project management services. This includes all buildings across the 19 million sqm New Murabba master plan. The scope of the contract excludes The Mukaab which is also part of the project. The Mukaab is an immersive destination aiming to redefine people’s encounters. This will include aspects of hospitality and leisure. The entrust of AECOM with this responsibility is partly based on the recent project management consultancy awards. The aim of the contract secures the realization of the ambitious vision for Mukaab and the New Murabba project. It also aids in improving the development of a downtown area which aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.
The New Murabba Project contract with AECOM was signed by the CEO in charge of the development company and AECOM’s CEO. The New Murabba project aims to prioritize sustainability and maintain nature. It will feature green areas as well as walking and cycling paths as its main scenic features in the project. It will also integrate community activities to enhance the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, the New Murabba project will include an iconic museum and a design and technology university. It will also entail a multipurpose immersive theatre. It will also encompass entertainment and culture venues which are expected to be over 80.

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The New Murabba Project Aims to Build the World’s Largest Modern Downtown

The New Murabba Project aims at constructing the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh, Saudi’s capital. The Saudi Kingdom is pushing the boundaries of urban design in the region. The New Murabba is the latest addition to the Kingdom’s roster of giga-projects. The project adds to NEOM, Red Sea Global, and even Diryah Gate. Qiddiya, Aseer, and Amaala are also part of the Saudi’s Kingdom giga-projects. The overarching objective of these projects is to transform Saudi Arabia into a global arena in various aspects. These include tourism, technology, and the creative industries. There is much anticipation for the New Murabba project in terms of benefits and development.