$241M Storage Terminal Project Takes Shape as Sub-Contract is Awarded to Preferred Company

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Hiap Seng Engineering, a UAE-based company has won a $214 million subcontract for a storage terminal project. The project location is in the Emirates of Fujairah undertaken by local oil and gas company, Ecomar Energy Solutions. Hiap Seng has been delegated the subcontract by the project’s main contractor Intrakat Group. The company acts as the client company of Hiap Seng, it is located in Greece. The project’s scope dictates that the project is to be executed in three phases. This includes the engineering, procurement, and construction of the project.
The storage terminal project scope also entails the project’s commissioning as part of the execution phases. Ecomar awarded the project to the Fujairah-based subsidiary of Intrakat, Intrakat Societe Anonyme. Hiap Seng’s scope of work entails the first phase of the Ecomar storage tank farm project. Furthermore, the project’s duration is placed at 28 months. According to the sub-contract awarded, Hiap Seng Engineering is required to build storage facilities as part of the storage terminal project. The facilities are to encompass a total capacity of 700,000 cubic meters. The capacity will hold 350,000 cubic meters each of black oil and white oil. Hiap Seng is also required to build associated units including eight lines of interconnecting pipeline. These pipelines will be connected to the jetty manifold. It will also connect to the fire alarm and protection systems.

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The Storage Terminal Project will be Fully Automated in Its Operation Activities

The storage terminal project is expected to be fully automated and backed up with diesel engines. The contracted company anticipates executing detailed engineering work on its sub-contract from its offices in UAE and India. Furthermore, the project’s construction and management activities will be overseen from the company’s offices in the UAE. The storage terminal project is part of Ecomar’s expansion of its refinery in Fujairah. It also entails the construction of a new construction capacity. Ecomar anticipates ramping up its production to 62,000 barrels a day from 22,000 barrels a day. The storage terminal project is also part of an inland storage capacity of more than fivefold to a million cubic meters.