3D Creation of Barcelona’s New Spotify Camp Nou Stadium Causes Sensation: Europe’s Largest Football Stadium

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A 3D creation of Barcelona’s new Spotify Camp Nou stadium completion has caused uproar and excitement among football fanatics. The excitement continues to build over the construction and progress of the new revamped stadium that commenced construction last summer. Renovation plans of the stadium are on track with the stadium expected to open its doors soon in the year. The construction timeline seeks to ensure that the first team makes their return to the iconic arena in November. In recent updates, Barcelona has released pictures of the revamped stadium once the project is complete. Some of the fans have gone further to create a 3D view of the stadium which explicitly shows how the stadium will look like. The Spotify Camp Nou stadium is set to have a renewed look that every Catalan fan and player alike anticipates to experience.

The Scope of the New Spotify Camp Nou Stadium Completion

The revamp project on the Spotify Camp Nou stadium aims to ensure that the stadium meets the world-class standards of a football stadium. The main features of the new design project entail the construction of a new third tier from scratch. It will include a uniform height along the entire external perimeter, increasing the stadium’s capacity. Once completed, the stadium will be able to hold more than 105,000 spectators, a significant increase from 99,345. The project also includes the creation of a VIP ring between the second and third tiers of the stands. It will also ensure that all spectator seats in the stadium are roofed. Furthermore, a panoramic screen will also be created under the canopy, running along its inner edge. Externally, the venue will be given an open feel with wide terraces.London's woo architects to work on Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium revamp

The Cost of the Revamp Project Design

The Camp Nou stadium completion costs took into consideration the investment costs that were rising exponentially. The internal referendum on the project cost was held at the end of 2021, the budget was placed at no more than €1.5 billion. Of these, €900 million is to go towards upgrading the Spotify Camp Nou stadium. The stadium redevelopment project is going as scheduled with the funds being used towards its upgrade. The stadium redevelopment is to be completed between 2022 and 2025. The stadium upgrade contract was awarded to Nikken Sekkei as the project’s main contractor. The eventual design of the new stadium was prepared by architects from construction companies such as IDIOM, b720, and Nikken Sekkei.

The Progress of the Construction Project

FC Barcelona awards the remodeling works of the Spotify Camp Nou to Limak  Construction » EMPRESARIOS AGRUPADOS FC Barcelona awards the remodeling  works of the Spotify Camp Nou to Limak ConstructionPreparatory works on the new Spotify Camp Nou stadium started as early as July 2022. It is worth mentioning that a sponsorship agreement has also been in place since July 2022. Under this, the name of the venue has been changed to Spotify Camp Nou. Since September 1, 2022, the demolition of a section of the stand behind the south gate has been underway. The scope of work included the removal of elements in the rear of this stand, along with the dismantling of the central section of the top floor of the auditorium. This was to be followed by the construction of new stairs and escape routes to restore the use of the seats not included in the remodeling on the first and second floors.

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