$56 Million Transmission Substation Contract Paves Way For Nesma To Install Power Grids

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Saudi Arabia announced in a press statement to have awarded Nesma a new contract to work on a transmission substation. Nesma Infrastructure and Technology (NIT) already has various contracts awarded to them by Saudi Electricity Co. This includes projects such as the designing and building of two transmission substations in NEOM. The company has been asked to start another project in support of the expansion of Makkah’s housing project. The company has also been tasked with the mandate of establishing an electrical link in the north of Al-Munawwarah Province.
The scope of the project is all mandated to the contracted company in terms of civil labor and material provision. The scope encompasses the procurement, testing, engineering, and commissioning of the transmission substations. The transmission substation project also includes the connection of the substations to the national electrical grid. The connection to the grid will be done through an underground cable. The guidelines of the project mandate it be delivered in approximately 16 months. The project is also essential in aiding in the housing expansion projects that are ongoing in Mecca. The transmission substation will provide power to the residents that will settle or are already within the region.

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The Transmission Substation Project in TROJENA is Nesma’s Greatest Accomplishment Yet

The $213 Million transmission substation construction project that Nesma is still undertaking in TROJENA will be exceptional. The company faces various challenges one of them in their transmission substation project one being altitude. The project is located in the mountainous regions of NEOM ranging between 1500 and 2600 meters. Nesma is confident that it will complete the transmission substation project within the stipulated 20 months it has been offered. TOJENA is anticipated to be a world-class destination. This is deemed so as it will be the only resort in the Gulf region offering outdoor skiing venue. The resort will also host year-round sporting activities, and even entertainment. This makes Nesma part of the Kingdom’s push to create distinctive tourist destinations. The company hopes to meet the expectations of the Kingdom in shortest time possible.