$7B Saudi Landbridge Takes Shape as Construction is Set to Commence

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The Saudi Landbridge project takes shape as construction is set to commence early next year according to the project scope. The project entails the construction of a new track stretching to about 15,000 kilometers. This is deemed as Saudi Arabia’s most anticipated project in the construction industry. Negotiations for the final scope of the project are in the closing stages. This entails discussions on the final cost and financing of the project. The official announcement on the project was issued by the National Industrial Development and Logistics Programme (NLDP). The commission stated that the Saudi Landbridge project is expected to be live early next year. The commission also insighted that the negotiations regarding the implementation of the project are in advanced stages.

Saudi authorities are undertaking negotiations with the Saudi China Landbridge consortium (SLCC) to determine the scope of the Saudi Landbridge project. The consortium signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the client party. This was done so as to put in effect that the project will be implemented on a public-private partnership. The consortium conducting the project was brought forth by the Saudi Railway Company (SAR). It also was in consensus with the China Civil Engineering Construction Company. Other parties are also involved in the construction of the Saudi Landbridge project as others still show interest. This includes local-based company Al-Ayuni Contracting.

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The Saudi Landbridge Project is One of the Largest Infrastructure Projects Planned in the Kingdom

The Saudi Landbridge project is one of the largest infrastructure projects planned in the Saudi Kingdom. The client company implementing the project is Saudi Railway Company (SAR). The project scope comprises the construction of six lines. One of the lines includes the upgrading of the Jubali Industrial City internal network. This line is currently under construction and will require 10km of track to be constructed. Of the six lines, one of the lines that is slated as 6th in the project implementation is a new 172km line. The line will stretch from King Abdullah Port to Yanbu Industrial City. The Saudi Landbridge project will enhance the Kingdom’s transport sector as improve modern transport modes.