African Development Bank Grants $27 Million to Enhance Sanitation in Chimoio

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The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group convened in Abidjan and greenlit a grant of $27 million to Enhance Sanitation Services in Chimoio, Mozambique. This financial assistance falls under Pillar I of the Transition Support Facility and is earmarked for the execution of the Inclusive Urban Sanitation Project in Chimoio, the fifth-largest city in Mozambique, boasting a population of over 400,000.

The primary aim of this project is to facilitate improved access to sanitation services for the residents of Chimoio. By doing so, it aspires to gradually diminish the prevalence of water-borne diseases, curtail land and river pollution, and concurrently foster economic activities and value creation throughout the sanitation service chain. This encompasses the innovative reuse of water and treated sludge for agricultural purposes.

Chimoio’s community is poised to benefit from enhanced, climate-resilient sanitation facilities that effectively manage their wastewater and fecal sludge through nature-based solutions. The comprehensive project blueprint includes the construction of vital sanitation infrastructure, encompassing 76 kilometers of sewer networks and interceptors, two pumping stations, a nature-based sewage treatment plant featuring a fecal sludge treatment unit, 30 public sanitation facilities, and support for vulnerable community members through the provision of household sanitation facilities, coupled with hygiene and sanitation awareness campaigns.

Chimoio’s Strategic Position and Economic Significance

The geographical focus of the $27 Million  project set to Enhance Sanitation is the municipality of Chimoio, serving as the capital of the province of Manica. Positioned 1,100 kilometers north of the national capital, Maputo, and 95 kilometers from the Zimbabwean border, Chimoio serves as a vital economic and logistics hub at the heart of the country. Situated along the Beira transport corridor, it plays a pivotal role in regional rail, road, and air transport.

Moreover, the initiative will extend technical assistance to bolster Chimoio’s Municipality’s capacity concerning facility management and the sustainable provision of sanitation services, involving the participation of small sanitation businesses or operators.

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