Cold logistics capacities of Aerohub in Abidjan strengthened

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The cold logistics capacities of Aerohub in Abidjan have reportedly been strengthened. The announcement was made by David Alliali, logistics manager at Africa Global Logistics in Côte d’Ivoire (AGL). AGL owns and operates the facility. The announcement on the other hand took place during a press visit organized recently.

The works, which were completed and delivered in April, have tripled the capacity of the temperature-controlled area of the Aerohub. This capacity has increased from 600m 2 to 1600m 2 in order to meet customer requirements while anticipating their needs in the Ivorian and West African markets.

The managers of AGL Côte d’Ivoire claim that this expansion of the largest contractual logistics base in West Africa’s capacity is a result of a logic of more aggressive customer service as a result of market development.

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AGL Aerohub in Abidjan serves large companies to and from several West African countries

While Aerohub serves large companies to and from several countries such as Ghana, Benin, and Nigeria, but also European countries, the demand for storage space for food and/or pharmaceutical products has led the multimodal operator to enhance its position in the West African cold chain.

AGL emphasizes sustainable energy in this light to make its capacity development operations. Which may result in an increase in energy consumption, as independent and environmentally friendly as possible.

According to Thierry Retourne, Director of Supply Chain Africa at AGL, “The storage facilities have been built from the ground up to accommodate the installation of solar panels.”

These will eventually allow the company to guarantee better service continuity while boosting its energy mix. AGL Aerohub in Abidjan is a contract logistics facility with a floor area of nearly 6000m2. It utilizes a tri-temperature platform to gather, store, and transport goods for the Ivory Coast and West Africa.

The platform managed 1491 EPV containers of cargo in 2022. Furthermore, with the help of its new cool zone, the company hopes to boost the expansion of the pharmaceutical. As well as retail, and catering sectors in Ivory Coast and West Africa.